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about us

Bikes were a big part of my life as a kid in the 80's. Whether it was decking out my 80's BMX bike or thinking I was a Tour de France racer after watching Greg Lemond, biking was a gateway to freedom. There were no cell phones to call for parents to pick us up or drop us off and if we wanted to go somewhere you had to ride there.

In the early 90's, mountain biking caught my attention (and still does). During that time, I kind of grew up and had to wear a suit to work. I would bike to work and had a difficult time finding the right compartmentalized bag for my suit, clothes, shoes, etc. So I took out my mom's vintage Singer sewing machine and attempted to make a bag. Sewing is pretty tough, especially for a guy in his twenties! I worked on concepts and drawings over the years, and eventually found some good people to sew my ideas and others to test out the prototypes.

In 2008 with a small group of family and friends, Cyclelogical was launched. We offer lifestyle bicycle bags, bicycle accessories, bicycle clothing and very cool T-shirts. We try to manufacture as much as we can in the USA--and attempt to use as many re-claimed, organic or environmental friendly materials as possible.

We, at Cyclelogical, want to bring the best travel and bike commuter gear to the market. Our gear will get you to and from your destination safely and in style. Whether you are riding to the office, meeting up with friends, or going to the grocery store, we have the right equipment and options, no more....no less.

We are living the dream.

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